The World of Toresight

Hello everyone,

I thought since I last posted how cool it would be to introduce my world to you.

The place is Aellothis Nexus one of the 5 Kingdoms is Toresight. Here is where my novel takes life with a King and Queen with a serious situation going on. There is an ancient curse that surrounds the Queens family line, curses the one they truly love to make the man goes insane and does things he normally wouldn’t do.  There is an additional curse that takes place and when the King accuses the queen of cheating on him with his knight Caleb and curses him as a dragon.

Stay tuned to how this story unravels and if you would like to stay current on the adventures Gavina embarks on please sign up for my newsletter. Happy reading to all.

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Published by: Fantasy Author

I'm currently in the middle of writing my 1st novel. I found the love for books at a young age, I never acted on it until I had a professor ask why don't I do it professionally. Since then I've written some fanfiction and been currently reading as much as I can while working on my project. I really love fantasy fiction and that's where I live. My favorite authors are Anne McCaffery, Christopher Paolini, Terry Brooks, and Terry Goodkind to name a few. When I'm not writing or working my full-time job as a commercial truck driver with my husband I enjoy spending time with my kids on our farm in Texas. I love to hunt, fish, camp, & ride my Harley.

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